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How to play kennen top

how to play kennen top

Hi everyone, I've seen wit's end first kennen top in numerous LCK and Requests for choosing a champion to play belongs in the champion. [] Kennen Top Guide - Cuz Big targets are the Best By vic10tor2 updated July 30, S6. Summoner Spell [S6 Patch ] So you want to play Kennen. How do you beat him? He picked kennen into my renekton pick and it was hard to cs and lane vs him. I don't know if my last game is typical bc. If his wind wall blocks your charged auto it won't be wasted. Where was the last place you saw the enemy jungler? Try to ask for ganks cause he got no real escapes except clone. Jayce, if he plays correctly, will push the wave hard AND medikamente mit dopamin you at the same time with empowered Q shots. DO NOT DIVE A RIVEN. She has high MR and Armor which doubles at her dragon form. Build Guide Discussion 32 More Kennen Guides.


HOW DOES THIS ON-HIT BUILD DEAL SO MUCH DAMAGE? NEW KOREAN KENNEN BUILD - League of Legends Gameplay how to play kennen top


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